Restoring Romance

How to add spice to your love life?

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Who doesn’t dream of a spontaneous, exciting and thrilling love life? Are you wondering how to spice up your love life? But after being together for some years the romance and that excitement to get close to each other just vanishes. Our sex life becomes predictable. The result is that most of the couples get bored of each other and start searching for that excitement and adventure somewhere else. How to avoid this situation? Well, here are some simple and yet creative ways to bring that heat back into your bedroom life and make your partner go crazy for you!

Ever thought of reading a sex book together:

  • Sounds strange but reading a sex book together with your partner can be the most fun way to spice up your love life.
  • There is no need to take it too seriously, just enjoy going through those articles and watching those intimate and hot images. Who knows you may also get some exciting tips for your bedroom.
  • This will bring back that flirtation and spark in your love life. What’s the loss? If not anything else, you and your partner can laugh together while reading the book.

Change that missionary position and have fun:

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  • Your bedroom life affects all the areas of your relationship.
  • If your love life becomes predictable and boring, then sooner or later every aspect of your relationship is bound to become boring. Hence it is necessary to keep on working on your love life.
  • Leave that missionary position behind and get adventurous. You should know that different sex positions can amount to different orgasm intensity.

Live your fantasies and opt for role-playing:

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  • Role-play is something we see in the movies but we hesitate to try it ourselves as we think there is too much of fantasy associated with it.
  • Leave your hesitation behind and focus on a role that excites you. You can play the role of dominating boss or a flirty nurse. It can be anything, depending on your choice and fantasy.
  • If you are sporty enough and want some more adventure and excitement than you can also opt to go out in the costumes to the bars or clubs.

Bring back the magic of kissing:love life, kissing,

  • Are you missing the magic of passionate kissing? Remember you started it all with that kiss. But in a long-term relationship, kissing is left behind.
  • Bring back that excitement and magic of kissing back in your relationship.
  • Kiss your partner sweetly at his or her cheeks.
  • Steal those kissing moments when your partner least expects it. Surprise your partner by kissing them passionately.

Focus on the erogenous zones:love life, erogenous zones, intense relationship

  • There are ten such erogenous zones in our body where when get touched we feel excited.
  • The lips, earlobe, toes, back of the ear, nape of the neck, stomach, scalp, inner arm etc. come under the erogenous zone.
  • Explore those zones and widen the sphere of your love field. The erogenous fields can play a major role to spice up the romance.

Don’t limit your love life to bedroom only:

  • Be adventurous and exciting. Why limit your love life to the bedroom only when the whole house can be your playground.
  • Don’t go over the board by neglecting your safety. But you can enjoy the foreplay anywhere in your house like your kitchen, your backyard or in your car.
  • Do you always wait for the night to have sex with your partner?  Isn’t this very predictable and regular. Surprise your partner by seducing him during unpredictable hours. This will make your partner crave for you and is a great way to spice up sex life.

Describe your fantasies to each other:

  • All of us have fantasies. We do fantasize to be touched in certain ways, to be loved sensitively or forcefully sometimes.
  • Most of us shy away from sharing them with our partners. This, in turn, leads to the dissatisfaction and frustration as we never get to realize our fantasies.
  • Focus on describing your fantasies in details to your partner. Use sexy whispers to communicate, touch your partner’s arm and graze playfully on his neck.
  • Reveal your fantasies to your partner and wait for the action.

Develop that flirtatious body language with your partner to spice up sex life:

love life, flirt, romance, passion

  • Keep your oh so proper and in place body language for the rest of the world. If you want some excitement in your life, flaunt that flirtatious body language when you are with your partner.
  • Send those naughty signals to your partner.
  • Play the game with your eyes, wink, and blink! Walk slowly and with an attitude just like a cat does.
  • Toss your hair, run your fingers through your hair. Invite your partner towards you. Keep that sexy gaze fixed on him.


    So what are you waiting for? Get creative and shed all your inhibitions. Bring your boring and predictable sex life back to some wild action. Add spice and colors to it. Good luck!