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Are you in a sex rut in your relationship?

Man, Woman, couple, couple sleeping in separate room, sex rut
Sex, sex rut, kissing, intimacy

Are you facing a dry spell or are you in a sex rut in your relationship? Have you lost all the hopes to regain that excitement, romance, and intimacy which you once shared with your partner? Do you crave to enjoy that hot bonding in bed with your partner? Does he or she refuse to show any interest? Don’t lose heart! Follow these little tips to overcome this monotonous and boring phase. Get ready to excite your partner to long for you more and more. 

A sex rut or just a dry spell?


Man, Woman, couple, couple sleeping in separate room, sex rut

  • A dry spell and a sex rut is not the same thing as most of us may consider them to be.
  • A dry spell is just a period of not having much sex as usual but it doesn’t last long. just after a week or so you enjoy the same intimacy with your partner as you used to have earlier.
  •  Sex rut is a heartbreaking and confusing situation in long-term relationships, where both the partners don’t enjoy the same excitement while having sex that they once used to feel.
  • This can also be described as a stage in a relationship where the partners don’t do sex any long for long periods. Sex rut can also cause betrayal in a relationship.

    What can be the reason behind the sex rut?

sex rut, sleeping with kids in the bed, lost intimacy, feet of kids and adults

  • In a long-term relationship, monotony and predictability play a big role which leads to the serious situation like sex rut.
  • When you have kids around, your life starts revolving around them.
  • You hardly get your couple time. After the work hours, both the partners head to the bed to  get some sleep
  • It’s not that they don’t like to get become intimate with each other, but the priorities, they place first over each other exhaust them a lot. The simple idea of foreplay and seducing each other looks like a heavy job.

    How to break the monotony?

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  • Get creative and put your heart and mind into the action.
  • Focus on boosting your attraction. Remember those earlier days when you used care even for that one curl of your hair before coming in front of your partner.
  • Dress up to impress your partner. Take care of his or her choices.
  • You can also buy your partner a new outfit for special date night.

    Compliment each other:

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  • Who doesn’t like to get compliments? And we hear them from our partner our confidence level boosts up.
  • Make your partner feel special and valued.
  • Flatter him or her. Be all attention to your partner.
  • Plan a special night with your partner and whisper a sexy thought in his ear. Be flirty! Don’t restrain yourself by the negative thoughts of rejection.
  • Touch your partner as much as you can.

    Learn how to flirt:

intimacy, seduction, sex rut, couple getting cosy


  • Get seductive and flirty on that special night. Do whatever comes to your mind, which you think can excite your partner.
  • Graze your fingers at your partner’s neck. Play with his earlobes and steal kisses.
  • Bring back the memories of your first date
  • Remind your partner about your first kiss and your first encounter in bed. Describe to him how you felt then.
  • keep constant eye contact with your partner and sit close to him.
  • Compliment your partner about his or her attractiveness and tell that how much lucky you find yourself to have your partner in your life.

    Fix a day to break the sex rut:

sex rut, seduction, sex, intimacy between a coulpe

  •  if you feel that the fear of rejection, makes you hesitant to take the initiative, then talk to your partner. Fix a day with mutual consent, where both of you decide to get intimate with each other.
  • In this way, things will become easier for both of you, as you will be prepared for the night beforehand and there will be no fear of rejection.
  • If you feel that you get tired by the night and foreplay will take a lot of time, then set up the stage in the daytime.
  • Send sexy messages to each other.
  • Get disconnected from technologies and make kids go to the bed earlier so that you and your partner can be together.
  • Train your kids such that, they respect your private time with each other. Tell them not to disturb.
  • You can also opt for morning sex if nothing works out for you in the night.


     Don’t blame your partner for losing the interest in you. Don’t blame yourself either for this disheartening phase called sex rut.  sex rut just arises because of the monotony, predictability and our busy and exhausting lifestyle. Instead, prepare and get armed to get your love life back to normal. Get flirty, get attractive, do the planning and see the flames of love and romance ignite again. Good luck!