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Why is your partner pulling away from you?

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Are you unable to understand that why is your partner pulling away from you?

Well first let me ask you, do you love to care too much about your partner and devote all your focus to him or her?

To love somebody and to suffocate somebody with your unnecessary focus are two different things. In order to bring ease and love into a relationship, you need to focus on some very simple and yet important things. Just make your partner feel secure with essentials which he or she deserves as being your partner. 


Slow down; what’s the hurry?

  • Take it easy in the beginning. Let your partner settle down. To succeed in the long run you must avoid the display of intense feelings of love and lust too soon.
  • Too much of intensity and that too very soon will leave your partner in a state of bewilderment and confusion. This will make him or her to pull away from you.
  • Express your feelings and your love slowly and timely. Your idea should be to shower not to dump. Always remember the golden mantra,’slow and steady wins the race!

    Learn the art of balancing: 

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  •  Lay the foundation brick by brick. Try the other way around and you will end up making your partner feel trapped confused or that he or she is losing his or her identity.
  • Learn to balance your time between your love life and the other fields of your life.  Give space to your partner and control your feelings. And if they still pop up, force yourself to take a breather.
  • This self-control will work wonders for you.

    Keep a check on the emotions:

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  •  Make it a habit to keep a regular check on what is happening in your relationship.
  • The change in the behaviors or the emotions should always be watched, as a relationship is based on these two.
  • You should sit and look back in the last few days at the things that were said or done that may have frightened your partner. This will help you to mend the things on time.

Think twice before taking the plunge of commitment:

  • You must know what your goals of commitment are and should also take the pains to know what your partner wants from a relationship.
  • Compare your goals with that of your partner and see whether they are in sync or not! It’s always better to keep a focus on what you want and what you can offer to your partner. This will help you a lot and will save you from the later embarrassment of heartbreak.
  • It is quite obvious that if you enter into a relationship with a person with different relationship goals than he or she will definitely pull away from you one day.

Communicate with your partner:


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  • Communication is the key to success in any kind of relationship. Communicate with your partner.
  • Ask him or her, how is she or he feeling and know what their fears are. Before hopping on the train of commitment learn as much as you can about your partner.
  • You should be aware of their recent past, their breakup and the reasons behind it. You should be aware of what he or she is looking, for now, in the relationship with you.

Is your partner is still single at heart?

  • Does your partner love to go out with his or her friends on weekends without even inviting you to join in with them?
  • Does your partner loves acting unavailable or ‘oh so busy’?
  • Notice whether your partner just enjoys dropping a quickie instead of inviting you to stay at night with him or her?
  • If yes is your answer, then your partner is definitely a freedom lover. Your partner cares more about being single and playing the field.
  • I would suggest you be vocal about your feelings and your emotional and other needs.
  • Avoid creating any pressure. Give your partner space and time to figure out what he or she can adjust with.

Is your partner feeling disrespected or unequal?

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  • Focus on cementing and thus strengthening your relationship with mutual respect, love, understanding, considerable behavior and validation.
  • Make it a point to express through your words and actions that how valuable his or her thoughts or inputs are for you. You may not agree every time but still, you should always ask about his or her opinion.
  • Stand by your partner in every situation, good or bad. Your partner has every single right to expect you to show up whenever he or she needs you.
  •  Appreciate the choices your partner makes the changes in their life regarding their career or even their bodies.
  • Instead of being a negative force emphasize on becoming a positive factor in your partners’ life who always validates his or her feeling.

Work on your relationship every day


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  • Be there, learn the art of listening…listen to what your partner says.
  • Instead of becoming over criticizing and a nagging baggage, choose to be joyful about his or her choices.
  • Stop acting pricey by multitasking when he or she needs your help with anything big or small.


It’s always disheartening to see your partner pulling away from you. But sulking will take you nowhere. One should focus on the reasons behind their partner’s sudden change in behavior. Follow the rule of slow and steady and let your partner enjoy their space. Give them time to gel in with you and never let them feel boxed or trapped Always remember love, trust, mutual respect are the essentials for every good relationship. Make the foundation strong and see the magic of love come alive. Good luck!