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Are You A Love Addict Or Is your Love For Real?

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We all romanticize the idea of being in love with someone. But being in love with someone and being a love addict are two different things. Are you someone who just can’t handle being alone? Would you go to any extent to please and thus keep your partner with you? Do you belong to the clan who wants to be in a relationship just to upload the couple pictures and flaunt an ‘in a relationship’ status on your social media handles?

You know it is love and you are not a love addict when


  • You accept your partner for whatever they are and accept your partners’ flaws wholeheartedly just as you love them for their qualities.
  •  People who love each other stand by each other in their thick and thin times without uttering a single word of complaint.
  • Your partner becomes your support system and your pride whom you like to show off to the world.
  • When you really love someone you experience a euphoric feeling and on a drug like high.
  • Love makes you energetic and optimistic.
  • You always long to be in the company of your partner.
  • You feel nervous in their presence and this sweet nervousness is quite normal.
  • True love has the power to bring out your best and the most optimistic side.

You know you are a love addict when,


love addict, depression. sleepy, single

  •  You hate to accept that you are single in front of your friends or colleagues and you enter into a relationship just because you can’t handle being alone!
  • The perfect sign to recognize somebody who fancies the idea of being in love is that their conversation will always be based on their love life and their relationship trials and how testing their love life is.
  • People like that, tend to become extremely emotional and depressed when they face a heartbreak.
  • They try to speed up the dating process to enter into a new relationship as soon as possible.

       More about love addicts and love addiction:

love addiction, lost identity,pain slave, hostage

  • Love addiction is just like any other addiction, the only difference is that it is not thought as a taboo or we can say it is more socially acceptable. But that doesn’t mean that it is less harmful.
  • A love addict never chooses to be in love because he loves somebody. But the feeling of that drug like high and walking on the air, that instant flow of energy when we fall in love, a love addict yearns for that feeling.
  • But as soon as this high and this energy fades away with time, the love addict starts feeling depressed. Unlike the other persons, a love addict falls in love easily and more rapidly.
  • Though anybody can be a love addict but compared to males, females are more prone to be a love addict. You can call it the structure of the society, that the psychology of females is developed in such a way that they prioritize their relationship more than anything else. In fact, they often base their sense of identity on their relationships.
  • The relationship of a love addict is based on codependency. A love addict will want their partner to take away all their pain and sufferings and to understand and solve their problem. Their relationship is never love based. In fact, a love addict can never love anybody.
  • It is quite normal that love addicts have a history of some emotional trauma or neglected childhood.
  • They have a deep-seated fear of abandonment. Due to lack of proper love and care in developing years, they find it hard to develop the loving relationships in adulthood.

This situation is alarming because,

depression, love addict, loneliness, lost

  •  With time you will lose your individuality and will become submissive in front of your partner.
  • You will do anything to keep your partner happy, just because the fear of being left alone.
  • Your partner will decide what you should wear, how you should walk or talk, what hairstyle you should flaunt and who should be your friends. In fact, your hobbies and your interests will also need the approval of your partner.
  • You will get addicted to the idea that your relationship is your identity and your whole world will revolve around one person only and that will be your partner.
  • Your love for being in love will make you forget your friends and your social life. You will do anything and everything to please your partner.
  • You will agree to whatever he or she may say or propose and will never be able to put your views strongly as you may feel that it may offend your partner.
  • If you are a love addict, there are huge chances of developing other addictions to cope up with the emotional pain or insecurities.You will face severe bouts of depression and anxiety.
  • The rejection by the partner can lead to stalking behavior, self-harm, violence, suicide or even homicide.

Stop pitying yourself and learn the art of balancing:

  • Learn to balance your time and your emotions.
  •  Become more rational or practical when you decide to enter into a relationship with someone.
  • Be patient and calm and avoid any kind of hurry. Take out time to know the person.
  • Learn not to go overboard with your love interest too quickly or with too much of intensity.
  • We all know that it becomes hard for us to keep a check on our wild hormones and emotions when we are in love.  But if we succeed to maintain control over them and focus on spending time away from our partner it will result in a long-lasting romance.

    Explore yourself:

  • Your love life is just one part of your life.
  • There are so many other aspects of your life which you should never neglect.
  • Devote your time to your hobbies, your friends, your social circle and to yourself.
  • This will help you to become more confident as a person with a strong individuality.


Loving somebody will always give you satisfaction. When you love somebody truly you evolve as a person. But when you try hard to be in a relationship with somebody just because of your insecurities and fear, you will become weak and submissive. It is always better to love someone but before anything else, learn to love yourself. Good luck!