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How To Choose Your Own Happy-Ending In A Relationship?

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Man, woman, grassland, sky, balloons, walkingAll of us fantasize about our own happy– ending relationships with an “and they lived happily ever after” end to it.  We all dream about a partner with whom we can have our happy ending relationship. A perfect couple or a perfect partner are the terms all of us have heard of but do they really exist.  All of us have our own baggage and imperfections to deal with. Any relationship involves two different people who will agree sometimes and disagree the other time. Two of them will have to make adjustments, they will have their own fights.The couples who decide to do these little adjustments without losing their own self-respect and their goals in life, in a relationship, can have their own, “and they lived happily ever after!” relationship.

Focus more on the positive side of your relationship:


  • Beauty lies in the little imperfections of life and the same thing applies to the relationships.Every relationship has its qualities and issues to work on. For example, you may not like that your partner is not as social as you and displays reluctance when it comes to hanging out with your friends. But then you just couldn’t hold your tears back when he refused to leave your side when you fell ill last week.
  •  You should always focus on the positive side of your relationship. This will lead you to a happy ending in your relationship.
  •  Observe your partner every day and try to focus on all his good and wonderful qualities. Think and rethink how he or she has touched your life and you as a person.

Learn your lessons:

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  • Every relationship has its own ups and downs. All of us enjoy and treasure our happy times but why do we choose to sulk and play the blame games, when our relationship goes through a rough patch.
  •  What do you do after an argument with your partner, what do you do? You sulk and you cry! That’s it. The best way is to sit and analyze what reasons or which situations led you to put a fight with your partner. What did you learn from that fight?
  • Work on your relationship and decide not to repeat the mistakes. If you want to choose to have a happy-ending relationship, then learn from the arrangements and the situations.

Don’t center your life on your relationship:


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  • More than men, women do this big mistake. Whenever they enter into a relationship which makes them feel secure, they forget the whole world and center their life around their relationship.
  •  Never commit this deadly mistake, this will not only make you lose your identity but will suffocate your partner also after some time.
  • There are so many other layers to your life. Get motivated by the world around you and stay focused.
  • Establish a strong sense of self-respect. Hang around with your friends.
  • Remember, you are a human being with hobbies, expand them and enrich yourself as a human being. Do everything you love to do as an individual.

Never disappear from your social life:


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  • We all know that friends are forever. But most of us disappear from our social life when we are in a happy relationship.
  • We start neglecting our friends and take them for granted. Fatal mistake! All of us need friends in our happier times to celebrate and need their shoulder to cry on when we face a heartbreak.
  •  Make sure that even if the relationship breaks, your friendship with your friends remains intact.
  • Balance your social life with your love life and introduce your friends and partner to each other and let them mingle. This will not only enhance the beauty of your relationship, but you will also feel a great sense of satisfaction.

Never compromise on your passions:


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  • Never compromise on your passions for the sake of your relationship. Our passions describe our individuality.
  • Focus on the person you really are and never leave your goals and hobbies just because your partner doesn’t approve them. For example, if you love to go for jogging in the morning but your partner prefers to sleep till eight in the morning, then what will you do? Would you sacrifice your love for jogging to spend some more time with your partner? No, you should follow your hobby and let your partner follow his or hers.

Be receptive and ready to evolve:


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  • Be in control of your life. Shed the inhibitions and leave that rigidness behind. Life is all about evolving.
  • Learn to evolve with time and be the owner of your life. This will make you a happy person who can offer and accept love with an open heart.

Don’t be stubborn, give up the things which don’t matter much:

  • Though you should never give up on your passions, you can always make adjustments with those little things which don’t matter much.
  • These small adjustments will strengthen your bond.

Show Respect and gratitude towards each other:


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  • Never take your partner for granted. When he or she does anything for you to make you happy you should make an effort to express your gratitude and respect. These simple expressions will make your partner feel valued.
  • Make it a habit to say thanks and do things which make your partner express the gratitude towards you.
  • This is proven by the studies that gratitude has immediate and long-lasting positive effects to have a successful happy-ending relationship.

You should be your priority:


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  • Don’t hide behind a relationship and make it an excuse to neglect yourself. Remember you have your partner in your life because he or she loved you for who you are.
  • Make it a point to take care of yourself first. Do exercise, have nutritious breakfast, practice meditation and indulge in the activities you love.


Keep your identity intact, follow your passions and make those little adjustments, never leave your friends behind and always take pride in who you are. Follow these simple things and live your dream of having a happy-ending relationship.