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How to show your love and express romantically?

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Romance is a word with which almost all of us are fascinated with but are clueless about how to express romantically. You must be wondering that romance is the luxury only rich can afford. Candlelight dinners in five-star hotels, expensive designer dresses or accessories as gifts and holidays at the exotic destination can burn a hole in a common man’s pocket.Is grandeur the real parameter of love and romance? Well, I don’t blame you for setting it as one.

It is human nature to get attracted by the glitter of glamorous things. This dazzle can turn us blind towards the small and simple things. We forget that the real beauty of romance is hidden in these small and simple things. Let us explore some beautiful and lovely ways to express romantically to our partner. These small steps can definitely Kindle back the romance in your life and won’t cost you, your pay cheque.

Make every day a valentine’s day

Why do the lovebirds wait for the valentine’s day or their anniversaries to celebrate love and romance? Why does the romance take a backseat after the honeymoon period is over? Practice random acts of thoughtfulness which can bring a smile on your partners face amidst his or her busy day.Learn to express romantically and enjoy the beauty of love and romance in your relationship.


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For Her

  • Every woman loves to feel that her man loves her so much that he cannot stop thinking about her when she is not around.Nothing can make her happier when she gets to know that you are fully connected to her emotionally.
  • Just steal two minutes, out of your busy schedules, at least twice a day. Craft some sweet text messages, not the sexy ones.
  • Texting is an art. If you can master it you can definitely make her heart flutter only for you. 
  • It can be like, “I was in the middle of the meeting when your beautiful smiling face surfaced in front of my eyes! I forgot all my stress and felt so relaxed.
  • Thanks for being in my life sweetheart” or simply “I just hope this time to fly, missing you so much my love!”

For Him

  • Sports and speed are loved by men universally. Learn about the favorite sport and the sports team of your partner.
  • Not only buy the tickets but also cheer for his team along with him. Learn the tactics of the game if you don’t know already. 
  • Make him your mentor and learn from him.
  • This will not only strengthen your bond with him but he will also feel that you care about his taste and choices

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Learn Something New Together:

  • Try to sneak the chances to bond and to get closer than ever.What else can be a better way to do it than learning something new together.
  • It can be cooking, baking, or any other activity, like bungee jumping or scuba diving!
  • When you learn together you laugh together, you make mistakes and fun of each other, you support each other and you get to spend quality time with each other.
  • This will not only be fun but you will feel a new energy in your romantic life.

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Old Is Gold:

  • In this new world of technology, we have forgotten the magic of those old beautiful things.
  • Loving words etched upon perfumed pink papers….those heart-warming letters, can ignite the flames of love and romance like nothing else can. 
  • Go for a picnic with your loved one near a lake where you can laugh, sing, talk, eat your favorite food and just lie down with your soulmate.
  • See the sunset together and kiss each other romantically.
  • Sip wine together and hug each other.These small old things can do the magic which even the most expensive things cannot.

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Practice New Styles Of Kissing:

man, woman kissing, express romantically

  • Similarly, if you would try to surprise your partner by kissing him or her in different styles it will make your partner long for you more and more. 
  • Be creative and try french kissing and involve your tongues, butterfly kissing where you keep your eyes open and stand close enough to your partner so that when you flutter your eyelashes they touch the eyelashes of your partner.

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Learn To Listen:

  • We all love to talk but listening to your partner can bring the most romantic thing to do. without spending a single penny. 
  • Listen actively and be present with him or her both physically, mentally and spiritually. Be all ears to your partner. 
  • Listen to your heart and use your mind. Analyze what your partner is saying.
  •  Offer your suggestions, offer your help, ask questions and just get involved. This is the most impressive way to show that you care.

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Connect With Food to express romantically

  • Eating together is romantic, eating together in the bed is more romantic whereas eating the breakfast together in the bed is the most romantic thing.
  •  On weekends start your day by serving your partner’s favorite food in the bed. Serve your partner with love and smile.This smallest gesture will make your partner feel loved throughout the day. 
  • You can also surprise your partner at work with their favorite lunch. 
  • Cook some delicious food or get your partner’s favorite food packed for lunch in his or her lunch hours.

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Let The Music Do The Magic For You:

  • Good music has the power to heal the souls.
  • Sweet romantic melodious music is the best way to connect with your partner. It can be the peacemaker in the worst situations of stress. So, you had an ugly argument or a small tiff with your partner, play some soft music. 
  • Romantic words and melodious music will melt the pain and will wash away the hard feelings from your and your partner’s heart.
  •  Dance on some romantic songs, go for a tango or salsa and then just flow with the flow. 
  • Let the flames of romance ignite, let the bodies rub against each other and get ready to hear the heartbeat of your partner.


Instead of complaining about your stagnant love life learn to work on your love life. instead of waiting for some particular days to surprise your love interest, show your love and express romantically every day. Opt for the small gestures to express yourself romantically. These small things will not only bring you closer to your partner but will also solidify and strengthen your relationship or bond. Good luck!

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