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How to let go of your ex and move on after a breakup?

girl crying, black and white
girl crying, black and white, breakup

A breakup is definitely the most painful experience in anybody’s life. How to move on after a breakup? How to get rid of that killer depression and low self-esteem? Studies have proved that getting through a break up is quite similar to getting through the withdrawal of drug addiction.

The trauma of rejection hits hard at the primitive zones of our brain related to motivation, reward, and addiction craving. In today’s, modern times when people are always in some sort of depression heartbreak leads to severe crimes like suicide, stalking, and homicide. Let us see, how we can make ourselves smart and tough enough to move on with our lives with a fresh view and perspective?

Cut-off yourself from the outer world for some days:

The first thing you should do after being dumped is to cut all the communication from the outer world. Stay away from the social media and other chat-apps. This is the time when you will feel very low about yourself, you will not be in the right frame of mind and your emotions will run from one direction to another. Just allow yourself to go through them, feel them alone and introspect yourself. Communicate with yourself only. Question yourself and answer yourself. Cry as much as you want, eat what you want but be your own companion. When you disconnect yourself from the outer world you will save yourself from the unnecessary questions, interference, and comparisons. Be honest and feel your every feeling. But this should not go on and on!

Forget the pain and focus on having fun:


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Embrace your singlehood and enjoy it.  Cry, curse, sulk and complain that why you have to go through a breakup, let your emotions out. There is no need to suppress them, but then you should not get accustomed to this either.

Remember there were many things you were not able to do when you were in a relationship with your ex. You, if not had to seek,  liked to get his or her approval. Use your singlehood as an opportunity, to let yourself experiment and enjoy.

Get a new haircut, hang out with your friends, learn something new or go for the holidays with your bunch of buddies. Do anything and everything you wish to do!

Learn your lesson:


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Every experience in life is a lesson. We evolve through our experiences. People come and go in our lives. Some come to teach us a new lesson, while others come to test what we have already learned. Analyze your relationship with your ex and think about what went wrong. Act wisely and promise yourself to not to repeat those mistakes again in your next relationship, with your future partner.

Become the master of your life:

Being single means that now you have full control over your life. Become the master of your life and enjoy your singlehood as much as you enjoyed being in a relationship.

Set goals and motivate yourself to achieve them. The world is your canvas, fill it with the colors of your choice. Make your life your own masterpiece. Expand your hobbies and get ready to evolve.

Never romanticize your past relationship, remember it was not perfect!

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Do you always keep thinking about your ex and how wonderful your life was with him or her? Stop stalking your ex on social media. Cut out all the interaction with your ex until and unless you accept your break up.

Open your eyes and accept the fact that your relationship with your partner was not perfect. Wish your ex to walk for his or her life. Get empowered and recognize your strength.

Work out to get back in shape and become your best version:


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Whenever we are in a relationship, our partner becomes our priority. We neglect ourselves. The situation becomes worse when we face a breakup. We crib, we cry, take stress and torture ourselves to no limits. We become our biggest enemies. Stop punishing yourself and Read some inspirational quotes.

Motivate yourself and work on your health and appearance.Boost your mental strength and confidence with yoga. Do the weight training and aerobics and get back in shape. Become the new center of attraction for everybody.

Stop being rigid and become experimental with your dates:


Park, girl, boy, sitting and talking in the park, breakup

Now you are ready to bounce back. But don’t get too serious. Keep it light and fun. Enjoy yourself, Live your life and flirt with your dates.

Make every moment happy and fun. This will help you more in moving on. Don’t expect too much, let your date surprise you. Don’t hold yourself back just because you had a heartbreak! Break up from your breakup and move on!

Get flirty:

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It’s okay to be desirous. Look around, there are so many handsome hunks and beautiful babes out there.

Get flirty. Smile at people, make eye contact, get somebody off guard with the double meaning language. Be fun and playful.

Be positive and enhance your self-confidence:

For anything positive to happen, you need to feel positive about yourself. Let yourself to move on after a breakup.  Hang around with positive people, make smiling a habit. Don’t center your life around your work only. Repeat some positive and strengthening affirmations like,”I am the master of my life. I am a very beautiful and amazing person. I have the power to change the direction of my life and its in my hands to shape up my destiny.”

Be your priority:

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Your ex is your past. Never let your ex to control your life and your emotions. Your emotions are your power. Your priority should be you and your happiness.

Get rid of anything and everything which reminds you of your ex. Free yourself from his or her memories. Become a go getter. Do everything necessary to achieve your goals in life.


Heartbreak is hard to face, but it’s necessary to face it with courage. Enjoy your singlehood. Focus on becoming a better person. Connect with your friends and evolve with time. Allow yourself to enjoy the happiness life has offered you and let yourself to move on in your life. Good luck!